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Property Damage from Flood, Fire and Storm disasters. Where to start?

If you just experienced a disaster (flood, broken pipes, wind damage, hail, fire or vandalism) and you need to make a property damage claim, where do you start?
If your home has been damaged, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the loss, repair, and recovery process. If dealing with an insurance company please realizes that it is a business negotiation.
If you have a contract with your insurance company you need to contact them right away. Your insurance broker has a 24/7 claims reporting phone number.

Here are a few links to help find some brokers near you.

Damaged property

Cover broken windows, broken doors, shut off water mains if there is a broken water pipe. Remove standing water immediately.

You may have to move items under cover or protect them somewhere safe while waiting for an adjuster to arrive. Your adjuster will contact you to inspect all of the damages.

Your insurance company has the right to inspect all damaged property at anytime during the claim, They also can investigate the cause of the loss. Don’t begin repairs before talking to your insurance broker. Canada Wide Restoration can help you through this process.

First you should take steps to make sure there is no further damage to your property. Canada Wide Restoration has 24 hour service to remove water and help you close up problem areas before the damages become worse. 

Assessing your Losses

Take photos of the damages, Hopefully you have receipts of your major purchases, which makes it easier to determine the value of your belongings that have been damaged or destroyed.

Become familiar with your policy so that you start to understand the terminology. Insurance is big business and the claim process is unfamiliar for most people.


After your assessment, your adjuster will advise you how to get repairs completed. You have the ability to choose which company  you want to use to make the repairs to your property. Canada Wide Restoration has worked with insurance companies such as SGI, Wawanesa Insurance, Portage Mutual Insurance and others to quickly repair your property damages and help you return back to a Pre-loss condition.

The material on this site is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal advice.

We work with your insurance company.

Call Canada Wide Restoration and let us help you through the repair and restoration process.